The difference of our Customizations is in the details.  From a distance it can be difficult to tell a high quality suit from an inferior suit.  Get up close and the differences can be dramatic.  At Jojayden, we understand this and feel it is our job to give you as many customizations as possible, for it is in the many small details that takes a suit from good to incredible.  First, it’s mostly about the fit.  We know that.  But once you’re guaranteed a perfect fit, it’s fun to have a lot of creative control over the unique design elements of your suit.  Some clients make conservative choices and prefer the quiet confidence that comes from knowing they are wearing a world-class suit – even if the fit is the only thing that tips off their friends.  Other clients choose to give their suits some flair, opting for more trendy lapels and pockets, and saying yes to each opportunity to add a pop of color or an unexpected detail.  Whether conservative or flashy, or somewhere safely in between, you’ll have a lot of control over the look of your suit.  It will be a one-of-a-kind garment, as unique as its wearer.

Don’t be intimidated by the amount of options.  While some guys love the many questions, others not so much.  In either case we’re here to guide you through the process and make recommendations to ensure the finished product is perfect for the way you wear suits in your life.




  • Thousands of fabrics all from well-known British and Italian mills
  • Choose from half-canvas (standard) , full-canvas, half-lined or unlined & unstructured construction
  • Single or double breasted
  • 8 Lapel styles and widths
  • 5 Pocket styles
  • 2 Breast pocket styles
  • 38 Undercollar (melton) colors
  • Number of front buttons
  • Number of sleeve cuff buttons
  • Functioning cuff buttons (surgeon’s cuffs)
  • Machine or handsewn buttonholes
  • With or without pick stitching
  • Rear vent styles
  • 50+ button choices
  • 100+ lining cloth options
  • 100+ sleeve lining options
  • 36 buttonhole thread color options
  • 36 button ‘cross stitch’ color options
  • Suede or cloth elbow patches
  • 3 Trouser plain or pleating options
  • 3 Trouser pocket options
  • Cuffed or uncuffed; regular or tall
  • With or without side slider tabs
  • With or without belt loops
  • With or without suspender buttons
  • 4 Vest pocket options
  • 5 Vest button configurations
  • 2 Vest construction options


  • 5CM Waistband Width
  • Double (forward-sideseam) Pleats
  • 4CM Cuffed Trouser Hem

Every Jojayden suit includes these features:

  • Floating canvas (we never fuse or glue)
  • iPhone (smartphone) pocket configuration
  • Client name embroidered inside
  • Heel guards