Jojayden Custom Suits is more than just clothing. We are the foremost authority on education and information when it comes to the age old art of dressing a man.

We want your experience to be not only memorable, but also life changing. This does not come from a rushed and “salesy” approach, but rather through an informative and relaxed setting that educates you on the differences in a $499 bespoke suit and a $4999 bespoke suit (both of which we offer)

Our goals are simple, friendship and knowledge first, the exchange of money for goods much later.

When you are ready to become bespoke in your clothing, we have found it best to set a realistic expectation of the process. A process that is incredibly simple.

1). Scheduling an appointment with one of our certified haberdashers.
Our clothiers are knowledgable on each of the 13,000 or more fabrics we offer, so there is little guess work when it comes to your garment

2). Get measured for your bespoke garment.
We measure you early in the process. this is not done to force you into a purchase, but rather for brevity. As you looking at fabrics and becoming more knowledgable, we are creating a client profile for you that ensures easy ordering for years to come. We will take 36 very specifically designed measurements to ensure a truly bespoke fit.

3). Look at fabrics and become educated.
This is the most crucial part of the process and the back bone of The Bespoken Mogul. We believe to our core that you should be able to understand the meaning of Super weight, Microns, the history of the fabrics you are selecting and what goes into manufacturing them. At the end of the day, everyone is able to spend money to acquire the best fabric, but your knowledge of what you purchased will add to the Bespoken Process

4). Design your look.
A bespoke garment is hand made. Completely. We are starting with a blank slate and designing you your own personal “Mona Lisa” of clothing. We will design the number of buttons, lapel size, stitching, color of the lining, monogram style and words, number of vents, pockets, pocket placement and much more. Needless to say, no two garments are ever the same. Your suit, slacks or pants are truly, yours and yours alone. We believe this so much that your name will be the only name on your garments. Period.

5). We deliver your garments and ensure the perfect fit.
21 to 27 days after your initial measurements were taken, we will be back to hand deliver your selections. We do this not only to ensure a perfect fit, but to solidify our relationship with you for years to come. If for any reason your body has changed or you don’t like the initial fit, we are here for you. We will take the garment to an approved tailor in your city and make the necessary alterations and return the garment to you. We do not leave until you are completely satisfied with everything about you garments.

These five easy and direct steps put us leaps and bounds above any made to measure or bespoke clothier you have come across before. When service is job number one, and you are never asked to buy anything, the fabrics will begin to speak to you. That is when the process truly becomes enjoyable and a life long relationship is established.

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